Who reviews and makes the decision on the applications?
The Employee Relief Fund is administered by E4E Relief. E4E Relief is a third party that has been designated by the AbbVie Employee Relief Fund to manage the grant processing, decision-making and administrative aspects of the Employee Relief Program. This ensures confidentiality and impartial decision-making. They also have expertise on this subject matter to make sound decisions on qualifying events.

Who is E4E Relief?
E4E Relief is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foundation For The Carolinas, a 501(c)(3) public charity (Tax ID 56-6047886). With more than a decade of experience serving clients, E4E Relief is the nation's leading provider of employee disaster and hardship funds.

How are grant amount determinations made?
E4E Relief grant specialists will review each application and make grant determinations based upon individual circumstances. Grant maximums have been established to provide E4E Relief with flexibility in determining the appropriate support amount based upon the scale of the disaster or personal hardship and the amount of eligible expenses. Supporting documentation will be requested and reviewed by E4E grant specialists in order to determine award amounts.

Do you need documentation of the expenses? 
Some examples of documentation that may be required (depending on the event and expense) include: current medical bills, hotel bills, receipts, police reports, insurance statements/deductibles, and repair estimates.

How long do I have to wait for a decision?
Decisions are typically made within 3-5 business days from employment verification and the time all documentation is received. Expedited turnaround times are in place for those with immediate needs due to a disaster.

If not selected, do employees receive a notification with the reasons why?
Yes, an employee will be informed via email that the program is unable to provide the assistance requested with a list of the common reasons why applications are denied.

Is there an appeal process?
For certain events and reasons for denial, an employee may be able to appeal at the discretion of E4E Relief. If you have any questions about your application, you may contact the AbbVie Employee Relief Program by phone at 844-450-1615 for U.S. employees, 980-243-5901 for International employees, or by email at abbvie@e4erelief.org.

Will I be required to pay taxes on the support?
Grants to US and Canadian associates from the AbbVie Employee Relief Program are non-taxable to the employee and are provided as a gift and need not be repaid. Employees outside of the US and Canada may be liable for taxes on the grant received. Each country has different tax laws; therefore, all recipients are responsible for checking applicable tax rules as to the taxability of support received. E4E Relief encourages recipients to reach out to tax professionals to get further clarification regarding the tax treatment of awards

How will the grants be distributed? 
Financial relief will be provided via a direct payment to the employee, not via AbbVie paycheck.
»    For US employees, payment will be received directly from E4E via electronic transfer or check.
»    Outside of the US, funds will typically be delivered via Western Union. All awards are received in local currency to keep any transaction fees to a minimum. 

Can anyone apply for assistance on the employee's behalf, such as a family member or colleague? 
A proxy (such as a family member or coworker) may fill out the application on the employee's behalf.

I have a colleague I'd like to support who has been impacted by a hardship. May I donate to the AbbVie Employee Relief Program for them to give funding? 
AbbVie employees may donate to the AbbVie Employee Relief Program through AbbVieGivesBack.com. While donations cannot be designated for a particular employee or event, the donations will go to provide assistance to AbbVie employees in need who meet the criteria of the program. 

Are all AbbVie international employees eligible to participate in the AbbVie Employee Relief Program?
E4E Relief strives to ensure that your Employee Relief Fund program is available to as many employees as possible, however, certain country specific requirements or restrictions prohibit us from receiving applications or distributing grants in certain countries.

What other resources are available for AbbVie employees? 
»    For U.S. employees please click here for more information.
»    For International employees please contact your local BHR for information on additional resources that may be available to you.